she threw a table……. she swatted a flying chair with her purse……. and then she caught another chair………… hOW

black wonder woman
reminder to self: reading old messages is NEVER a good idea…

.it’s weird how things that were once said that meant everything at that moment, mean nothing now. By reading some of the things I said, I realize how much I would have really given for you and how much I actually cared. I think part of me will always yearn for that happiness, but I also realize that I’m not that girl anymore and you’ve changed too. Some of the things you said were pretty strange to read because I can’t imagine you saying those sweet things anymore, nor can I imagine you caring that much. At that time, I never would have imagined my life without you nor did I want to… which makes me wonder even more how things will turn out in the future…who will be there and who wont.. It really is crazy how life works…and how fickle some emotions turn out to be. Even the ‘greatest’ of loves have an ending… 


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the power couple

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